Svelte Puzzle

I made a small puzzle game for Svelte Hack 2023. It shows some cool things you can do with svelte.

Mobile App:
As a web dev, I want to leverage my web skills to release apps for iOS and Android. Svelte Puzzle shows how to do this with Capacitor.
Drag & drop:
The default HTML5 drag and drop implementation is not suitable for touch devices. The custom drag and drop implementation of Svelte Puzzle is built to even account for multi-touch.
AI Art:
Might be controversial. But using AI generated art is a fast and easy way to get something cool. All images for the puzzles were generated with Dall-E or midjourney.

It's based on games I made for, but only with parts developed after February 17th.

The code is open sourced on Github.

Privacy statement: The app uses no cookies and doesn't collect any data from you. Only a couple of settings are stored in your browsers local storage.

You can reach out at for feedback, I'd love to hear from you!

Why play puzzles?

  • Cognitive skills: Playing puzzles requires problem-solving and critical thinking skills, helping to develop these skills in young children.
  • Shape recognition: Puzzles often involve matching shapes, helping children to learn and recognize different shapes.
  • Patience and perseverance: Solving puzzles can be challenging, teaching children the values of patience and perseverance.
2-4 in toddler mode, 4-6 in preschooler mode